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The President's Message: October 2014
By Terry Jacks

As ASHRAE President, I'm charged with guiding the chapter leadership in providing value for all of the membership. We've had many programs and activities in the past that have been huge successes, but I don't want to limit us to only what has been successful in the past. There is plenty of room for new ideas and activities to help serve our membership.

One of the activities that I am especially proud of is the P.E. Review Session that will be held twice this year. For design engineers, one of the biggest milestones in your career is passing the Professional Engineer (P.E.) Exam and becoming licensed. The P.E. exam is an 8 hour exam for engineers with at least four years' post-college work experience in their chosen engineering discipline. I personally remember the long hours studying and preparing to take the test April 13, 2012 (Confession: I only remember the date because it was Friday the 13th). The months leading up to the test were filled with working through test preparation books and seeking help from others who had taken the test before me. Because of my involvement in ASHRAE, I had made many contacts that had passed the exam recently and were more than willing to offer help with the best test preparation materials, lessons learned, along with other helpful tips. When it came to actual study time though, I studied alone because I didn't know anyone who was actually taking the test the same day as I was.

In order to better serve the engineers preparing for the P.E. exam, the Arkansas Chapter YEA began hosting a P.E. Review session in advance of the April test this past Spring, and held its Fall Review Session on September 17th in anticipation of the October test. This review session not only allows potential examinees to seek guidance from those who have recently passed the exam, but also allows the potential examinees to network and form their own study groups outside the review session. These review sessions are also not limited to the mechanical discipline, as we have had an electrical engineer attend both sessions. The value of these review sessions is already being seen with a 100% pass rate for the Spring review session attendees who took the exam this past April. Even though the Fall review session has already come and gone, there will be another session in the Spring for engineers preparing for the April 17th, 2015 exam. Big thanks go to Arkansas Chapter YEA Chair, Phil Watson, for organizing and publicizing these review sessions. If you or someone you know is preparing for the P.E. exam, please contact Phil at so that you receive all the information for the Spring review session.

Don't forget our Fall Golf Tournament is coming up on Friday, October 3rd, at the Country Club of Arkansas in Maumelle. Our golf tournaments are a great chance to network with other ASHRAE members, support the Arkansas ASHRAE chapter, and have a great time. Social Chair Tony Demarco puts a lot of work into making these tournaments both fun for all attendees and beneficial to the chapter. Mark your calendars because you won't want to miss it.

For October's meeting, our Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC) Chair Forrest Moseley has scheduled a tour at Diamond Bear's new brewing facility in North Little Rock. Please forgive us for the last minute change, but in an effort to provide a tour worth your attendance, the change was necessary. Please join us Wednesday, October 1st at Diamond Bear in North Little Rock for another great meeting!

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