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Welcome to ASHRAE Arkansas

The President's Message: October 2015
By Forrest Moseley

Fall is officially here! Which means cooler weather, football (no comment on our Razorbacks), and for many of us, it is the beginning of our many Arkansas hunting seasons. By the time you read this, you will have one week left to participate in Arkansas ASHRAE’s Fall Gun Raffle to have a chance to win a gun just in time for hunting season (see flyer in this newsletter).There are only 500 tickets being sold, so please be sure to contact Terry Jacks or myself to get your hands on the remaining few tickets that are left. These tickets can also be purchased online on our website This drawing will be held at our Oct. 7th meeting. 10 guns – 10 winners!

In talking with some of our seasoned ASHRAE members, it seems as though Arkansas ASHRAE has lost touch with our members from a family/spouse event standpoint. Being a member of ASHRAE shouldn’t meant you go to (2) golf tournaments and (8) monthly meetings a year that typically do not include family/spouse involvement. It was brought to my attention that we used to have social events that included family/spouses such as outdoor picnics. While we do have a social chair, Tony Demarco, in order to provide other events we would need further volunteers to make a family oriented social event happen. With that said, we are currently in search of members interested in forming a committee to help plan and develop an event such as this. Please contact me if you are interested in volunteering for this at

Well its official, as of September 16th of this year, I have started my last and final year as a YEA member. What does this really mean or even change just because I am now 35 in regards to YEA events? Nothing really. Just because you might be over 35 years old does not exclude you from being able to participate in YEA events. In fact, we encourage attendance of non YEA members to YEA hosted events. This further allows mentoring and networking of our YEA members with seasoned / experienced ASHRAE members. Our first YEA event, coordinated by YEA Chair Josh Robinson, will be held at Flying Saucer on October 7th. Be on the lookout for further information in this newsletter and in an invite.

With the declining number of people entering the engineering field, our next generation will need our leadership more than ever to help promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math).  At one of our meetings at the end of last year, Terry Jacks asked the meeting attendees who would be interested in making a K-12 classroom visit to promote STEM to our students. There were quite a few members that were interested in participating. Josh Faulkner and his committee are working hard to provide a contact list of teachers and schools that are allowing us to speak to their classes. If you have children or grandchildren in school and are interested in speaking to their class, please contact Josh Faulkner so that he can help coordinate this visit. So what would you talk about? Don’t worry, ASHRAE has already worked this out for you. They have developed a long list of lesson plans to choose from to insure your visit is interesting and enjoyable for the students. Please go to this web link to view this list:

Be sure to get your team in for our Central Arkansas Fall Golf Tournament being held at Maumelle Country Club on Monday, October 26. We are limited to only (24) four person teams, so don’t miss out!

Finally, your ASHRAE Leadership strives to provide value to your membership through programs, other events, and services. In order to continue this, we would like your feedback / comments on how we can improve. Sometimes we deal too much with details and the bigger picture gets missed. Please feel free to contact me with any feedback / comments on what we can do to better serve you ( OR 501-280-0404). I look forward to seeing you on October 7 for our program on “Property Assessment for Clean Energy” by Frank Mayfield of Harrison Energy Partners. 

Fall Auction Raffle Tickets

ASHRAE Arkansas Fall Gun Raffle! 


Tickets and Prizes are non-transferable to another person.

Prizes may not be transferred to another Federal Firearms Licensee.

Winner is responsible for all fees associated with transfer, including shipping, where applicable.

Guns will be handled through:

Fort Thompson Sporting Goods

5802 Warden Road, Sherwood, AR 72120


All winners are subject to all applicable federal and state laws regarding firearms.

Any winner failing to pass any relevant state or federal background check will forfeit their prize to Arkansas ASHRAE.

Two contingency tickets will be drawn in the event that either a winning ticket is not claimed within 30 days, or if a winning ticketholder is unable to pass any relevant state or federal background check. If either event comes to pass, contingency ticket holders will be awarded the forfeited prize in the order they were drawn.

Buyers must be 21 years old or older.

Firearms are inherently dangerous. Winners are responsible for safe usage, and always follow all laws, regulations, and manufacturer’s instructions for safe firearms handling. Arkansas ASHRAE holds no liability for improper use of any firearm.

Winning tickets will be drawn live during the October ASHRAE meeting on October 7th,2015, and will be posted on

Fall Golf Tournament

ASHRAE Fall Golf Tourney Coming Soon. Let's get your team registered today! Talk to Tony Demarco about getting your Golf Team registered today or you can register here now.