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Welcome to ASHRAE Arkansas

The President's Message: December 2015
By Forrest Moseley

The holidays are here which hopefully means great food, friends, and family for you!   It is easy to get caught up in the daily grind of work and the chaos going on in our evening news and forget about the real things in life that matter to us most.  I was reading an article the other day that talked about what being thankful actually means. While being thankful can mean many different things to each of us, the author (in my opinion) did an excellent job in detailing this. She talked about how being genuinely thankful requires a conscious effort to clear out our daily busyness and chaos that is around us and to pause and reflect on the people, things, events, second chances, or whatever it is that is meaningful to us. I hope this holiday season you to take a moment to put a pause on life and reflect on those things that you are thankful for.  

For me and ASHRAE, I am specifically thankful for all of our Arkansas ASHRAE volunteer officers, committee chairs, and committee members whom have worked so hard for our Chapter to bring value to your membership. There are many hours spent each month by these volunteers to put on programs, fundraisers, support our students, and promote various other ASHRAE activities. Next time you see one of these volunteers, please be sure to reach out to them and thank them for their time.

The last few years the Arkansas ASHRAE Student Activity Chair has been successful in coordinating efforts of The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Arkansas Tech University, Arkansas State University, and University of Arkansas at Little Rock ASHRAE Student Branches to attend the ASHRAE Winter Conference. In order to send students to this conference, our Chapter has helped with fundraisers and coordinated donations from our vendors in order to make these trips / experiences happen for our students. This year will be no different. Josh Faulkner is coordinating a Pork Butt fundraiser. All proceeds will go towards sending these students to Orlando in January. Please contact Josh Faulkner if you are interested in purchasing a Pork Butt to support our Arkansas ASHRAE Students.

Society has recently made an amendment to the Constitution and Bylaws for Chapters. An Ad-hoc Committee comprised of Russel Black, Ron McCarty and Chance Hollingsworth was developed to review the amendment and update our Constitution and Bylaws. Per the Constitution and Bylaws (paragraph 10.2) if amendments are made by Society “Written copies of said amendments shall be sent by the chapter secretary to all members, or an officer of the Chapter shall read said amendments at the next succeeding chapter meeting.” A revised Constitution and Bylaws will be emailed out this month to all members as well as posted to our website. The amendment made by Society now includes a description and definition for Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee, specifically the inclusion of paragraph

Please do not forget about our social / membership promotion night on Thursday December 3, from 6:00 – 8:00 at Lost Forty Brewery. We hope to see you, your spouse/significant other and a prospective ASHRAE member.

There were many member requests to provide a continuing education seminar before the end of the year. With our very own Hamid Habibi giving us an ASHRAE Standard 62.1 update for our program this month, Mark Ely was able to procure an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, Hoy Bohanon, to follow this by covering more specifics of Standard 62.1 in regards to multiple space equations and demand control ventilation. Please be sure to secure your spot for this seminar by registering for this event.  

We hope to see you at our December meeting! May your thankfulness this season be intentional, your travels safe, your gatherings meaningful, and your belly’s full of your Aunt Claire’s famous dessert!