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January 2017


The President’s Message

By Mark Eley

 Happy New Year!

I hope that this message finds you rested and well and beginning to ramp up your business again after the holidays.  If your calendar is anything like mine, there is typically a week or two starting just before Christmas and ending shortly after the New Year where time seems to slow down a little.  The phone quits ringing except for emergencies and even the incoming emails and texts take a pause.  It’s a great time to catch up on everything, both personally and professionally, reflect about the preceding twelve months and plan for the next twelve. 

While December 31st marked the end of 2016, it marked only the halfway point for my Arkansas ASHRAE Team.  I really can’t believe it’s half over.  Tim Wentz told me to have fun as President and I truly am.  It’s particularly fun and rewarding to watch my team knocking down the goals they set at the beginning of the year.  I owe them all a huge ‘thank you’ for the jobs they are doing.  As I’m typing this, our Arkansas ASHRAE team has logged 8,482 PAOE points for the year.  That is incredible.  We are well on the way to our Chapter goal of 21,500 for the year, especially considering that Forrest Moseley will probably be entering 5000+ PAOE points in the next few months due to the great job he’s doing for Research Promotion.  Josh Faulkner is still leading in overall points in my Arkansas ASHRAE Presidential Award of Excellence competition, but Forest Moseley, Steve McConnell, Terry Jacks and Melanie Richardson aren’t far behind. 

I want to encourage you to buy your ticket now for our bEQ seminar on January 20th at Robinson Auditorium.  We are giving away some free tickets to students and inviting several other engineering societies.  I’m afraid we might sell out and not be able to accommodate all the ASHRAE members that want to attend.  If you haven’t already purchased, please do so now!  I hope to see you at Camp Aldersgate for our regular meeting on January 4th and at Robinson Auditorium for the Seminar on January 20th.    




Feb Central Arkansas Chapter Meeting

February 01, 2017
11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
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Ben E. Keith
8801 Hwy. 70 East
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