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The President's Message: September 2014
By Terry Jacks

As we transition from the summer months toward the fall, it is time again for the Arkansas Chapter to begin monthly meetings. Believe it or not, it's already been nearly 4 months since the Arkansas Chapter hosted Region VIII CRC. Our CRC General Chair, Rick Sellers, and the rest of the CRC committee put on an excellent CRC back in April, and my memories of the event remain in vivid detail. One of the top moments of my CRC was hearing the Arkansas Chapter's name called to receive the Golden Gavel for 2013-2014. In leading the Arkansas Chapter to the Golden Gavel last year, Mark Mizell became the 2nd Arkansas Chapter President in the past 3 years to take home the award for best chapter in the region.

The Arkansas Chapter has long been a shining star in our region, and the 2014-2015 chapter leadership does not intend to change that precedent. With a strong mixture of youth and experience, the chapter chairs assembled this year has been enthusiastically preparing since CRC for our roles this year. The meeting programs, golf tournaments, and other social activities will be finalized over the next few months and will be announced at the meetings and in the newsletter. Please read the newsletter each month for updates.

I have set several goals for the chapter leadership this year, the main goal being a focus on bringing value to the membership. Whether it is quality meeting topics, social activities, sustainability activities, or newsletter articles; everything we do in our roles should have an end result that brings value.

I have also asked each of the Chapter Chairs to reach out to members not currently serving to help as part of a committee. I asked them to do this so that they do not become overburdened, the scope of their role could be increased through delegation, and because it allows members to get involved who have never served before with a minimal commitment. Please take it as a compliment if a Chapter Chair seeks you out to be on a committee, as they would not ask if they did not believe your input would bring value to the committee.

For September's meeting, our Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC) Chair Forrest Moseley has scheduled Barry Warner from Macroair to speak to the chapter about HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) Fan Technology. Forrest has enlisted a strong committee this year to ensure that the programs chosen will bring great value to chapter membership and the Arkansas engineering community as a whole.

Before I conclude, I would be remiss not to mention Past Presidents Night from last May, where the Arkansas Chapter wrapped up its 2013-2014 meeting schedule. Beginning at Past President's Night in 2013, the Arkansas Chapter began inducting members into the Arkansas ASHRAE Hall of Fame. This year, the Chapter was able to celebrate the induction of Paul Briscoe, Sam Cummings Jr., and Earnest Pettit into the 2nd Class of Arkansas ASHRAE Hall of Fame. The event was held at the Country Club of Little Rock and was attended by 51 people, including 17 past presidents of the Arkansas Chapter, a past president of the Memphis chapter, and a past president of the Shreveport Chapter. Special thanks go to Honors & Awards Chair Drew Grant for helping to organize such a great event. If you were in attendance, you know why this event has become one of my favorite events of the year. If you didn't attend, you will have another chance at this year's Past President's Night in May 2015. Please make a point to attend this special event this year.

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