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The President's Message: December 2014
By Terry Jacks

With the Thanksgiving holiday passing by, I think it's the perfect time to use my President's Message to talk about why I'm thankful for ASHRAE, the chapter leadership, and the members we have here in the Arkansas Chapter. I would never have guessed when my coworkers invited me to my first ASHRAE meeting almost 7 years ago, that I would be chapter president one day. ASHRAE has given me job skills and training not only from the great speakers we have at each monthly meeting, but also from the different chairs and roles I've been able to serve in. It's been my experience that being involved with ASHRAE has greatly improved my abilities as an engineer, and I know that every member of ASHRAE, young and old, would benefit greatly from becoming involved and serving in some capacity within ASHRAE.

I am thankful for the chapter leadership we have this year, because each person is a superstar. Each and every chair has brought wisdom and insight to the Board of Governor meetings, and I'm very proud of the meetings and events that have happened so far this year. The tremendous work and preparation that has been put in behind the scenes to continue to bring high-caliber meetings and events to the chapter is truly amazing.

I'm thankful for the great attendance we have had at the meetings already this year. By showing up as well as you have, the membership has shown that the meetings that have been planned so far have brought great benefit to each of you. Our speaker this month, Mike Morgan, is scheduled to give a presentation titled "Demand Control Ventilation Strategies for Improving Kitchen Exhaust", and I hope you are as eager as I am to see what information he will bring to us. Because December is our Membership Promotion month, we will be having a membership drive, so please bring anyone you know who isn't already a member of ASHRAE. You never know, you might be inviting a future Arkansas Chapter President to their first ASHRAE meeting.

Finally, if anyone is interested in getting involved in ASHRAE, but you aren't sure how to go about it, please give me a call at 501-374-3731, or pull me aside at the December meeting, because I want to make sure everyone has the chance to be as thankful for ASHRAE as I am. I am looking forward to seeing each of you at the December ASHRAE Meeting!

I am looking forward to seeing each of you at the November ASHRAE Meeting!

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