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Welcome to Arkansas ASHRAE
The President's Message: February 2015
By Terry Jacks

As many of you already know, the Arkansas Chapter is made of two entities, the Central Chapter and the Northwest Section, which is currently supported by the Central Chapter leadership. Meeting attendance at the Northwest Section meetings has been very strong in the last few years, and it became evident that the chapter membership could and probably should start moving their section toward becoming their own independent chapter. Knowing this transition did not need to be a quick one, choosing the correct people to lead the Northwest Section through this period of change would be essential.

At the September Northwest Section meeting, Mike Fullerton (2012-2013 Chapter President and Mark Mizell (2013-2014 Chapter President) made the initial announcement that they were looking for members to step up into those leadership roles. After that meeting, many expressed interest and enthusiasm at serving in those roles, and a leadership team was developed to begin the transition toward the Northwest Section becoming its own chapter. Sam Browning was chosen from the group to be the first president, with Davin Hicks (Co-President Elect/CTTC), Marshall Rucker (Co-President Elect/CTTC), Miguel Purdy (Treasurer), and Aric Reed (Secretary/Social) rounding out the chapter officers. The Board of Governors is currently J-Rod Barcenilla, Jim Lefevre, Carter Martin, and Will McGehee. The remaining chapter chairs are David Long (Student Activities/YEA), Kim Polingo (Reception/Historian), Chase Ransom (Membership Promotion), and Debbie Fedricci (Refrigeration). This group has committed to serving in these roles for a 2 year transition period, with the only change coming in year 2 being Davin becoming President and Sam serving as RP chair. This group began meeting during the 2013-2014 ASHRAE year to begin figuring things out, with the goal to start a 2 year transition period in 2014-2015. Once that 2 year transition period ends in 2015-2016, the leadership would vote either to extend the transition period or apply to become a chapter.

We had 7 members from the NW Section Chapter leadership attend CRC in Little Rock in April 2014, and the impact of that event is evident. I’ve had the pleasure to attend board of governors meetings prior to the Little Rock CRC and then this past month and the difference is almost night and day. I am really impressed at what this group has accomplished in such a short time frame. At this past month’s board of governors meeting, there were 16 people in attendance including myself and Zachary Alderman, the chapter president of the UALR ASHRAE Student Chapter. I’m also proud of how much fun this meeting was. This group is setting the stage for ASHRAE to grow even larger in Northwest Arkansas, and their efforts should be applauded.

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